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  1. 150ml/5oz
    Ø Upper: 94mm Ø Lower: 85mm Height: 40mm
  2. 350ml/12oz
    Ø Upper: 94mm Ø Lower: 82mm Height: 82mm
  3. 500ml/16oz
    Ø Upper: 94mm Ø Lower: 80mm Height: 105mm
  4. 900ml/30oz
    Ø Upper: 115mm Ø Lower: 115mm Height: 105mm
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Snap-on System & Tamper Evidence

It is easily discoverable and comfortable for the end user to break. At home, users can enjoy the snap-on cap and use the packaging several times for domestic purposes because it is safe to use in microwave, dishwasher and freezer

Snap-on System

In Mold Label Decoration

In Mold Label (IML) is the most spectacular and the most sought after method for decorating plastic packaging in the world. This exclusive process consists in the introduction of a label inside the mold prior to the execution of the injection. The result is a strong, die-cast design with no distortions of color, high-quality graphics that maximize your product. A remarkable decoration not only identify your product, it distinguishes and makes it more attractive to consumers.

In Mold Label Decoration

The Power to Innovate and Create
With IraPlast, you can count on an experienced team dedicated to the success of your operations. The design of injection packaging solutions leaves no room for improvisation. To achieve the highest performance standards, the relationship between the container and the lid must be mastered to perfection. With more than 15 years of experience in plastic injection, IraPlast is recognized as a reference in its field. No matter the complexity of your operations, our engineers and technical experts will put you at ease.

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